There are 1.9 billion children in the world.
Their lives will be shaped by their teachers.

How will you teach?

Emotional and behavioural education

The quiet revolution for mindful, happy teachers.

Imagine the teachers of the world teaching with care and kindness to best serve their students.


Imagine the children of the world having such teachers; nurtured to grow stronger from within to make a difference and explore with courage, curiosity and an open mind.


They have a spark in their eyes and they smile confidently.

emotional and behavioural ed

This is the dream that educator and author Simona Baciu wants to turn into reality through a new body of knowledge.


Emotional and behavioural health is an integral part of well-being; the concept that starts with self care is crucial for each of us.


Teachers’ self-care is too impactful be left to chance.

Breaking new ground in education

Education in the 21st century is challenged to be constantly reinvented.

Breaking new ground in education.

Simona’s invitation is to adopt the ARAT philosophy to lower the daily stress and reinforce your calling and motivation.

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Meet Simona here



Speaker @ „Education Without Stress” Conference

Central Park, Cluj-Napoca,
10:30 – 14:00



Trainer @ “Rebranding Creativity” Conference

Central Park, Cluj-Napoca,
10:30 – 14:00

10 days with The Teacher Within

We multiply through the lives we touch.
Join the challenge. Multiply wellbeing.

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