Newsletter, February 2021

by ttworg

February – Teacher’s Well-Being Month in the Romanian Education

This month, we are organizing the second edition of Teacher Wellness Month, a program that promotes the benefits of teachers’ well-being, both inside and outside of the classroom. This initiative derives from the recognition that teachers’ emotional and social health has a strong positive impact on students’ behavior and academic success.

Our initiative was joined by the Finnish Teacher Training Center Sibiu and 10 private schools in the country, which will help us organize a series of online activities dedicated to teachers. The activities are designed to provide the necessary framework for teachers to feel supported in their role of creators of education, so they can pass on the joy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude to their students.

Event Calendar:

A series of webinars for Teachers’ Well-Being 

On the 8 and 22 of February, starting 5PM (10AM EST), there will be two webinars dedicated to teachers, alongside founders and directors of private schools from Romania, on the Facebook page: Profesori Fericiți pentru România. Within the webinars the speakers will share methods, experiences, and good practices for Teachers’ Well-Being. 

If it’s Thursday, it’s about Well-Being!

On the 4, 18, and 25 February, a series of live discussions will be organised on the Facebook Page  Profesori Fericiți pentru România, entitled Conversations for Well-Being, about the challenges that teachers face during this period and how they can manage them to maintain their state of well-being. The events will be attended by Gabriela Secoșan – Director of the training program Happy Teachers for Romania, Simona Baciu – Founder of Happy Teachers for Romania, author of the book “The Teacher Within”, as well as their invited guests – specialists in education and opinion leaders in the field.  

Webinar Neuroscience and Teachers’ Well-Being 

The webinar Neuroscience and Teachers’ Well-Being, held on the 15th February, starting 3PM (8 AM EST) will address the subject of how well-being influences the physiological abilities of the brain, from the point of view of chemistry and biology. Elena Lotrean – founder of the Finnish Teacher Training Center – invited Laura Popa, as guest speaker, who will share her experiences as teacher, mentor, director and trainer with the participants. This webinar will be distributed live on the Facebook Page Finnish Teacher Training Centre, signing up can be made on the site (in the calendar section).

We are the Community!

Teachers are invited to share, in the Happy Teachers for Romania community, examples of methods they use to bring and maintain well-being in their classroom. During February, on the Facebook page Happy Teachers for Romania, we will distribute a series of inspirational messages, shared by teachers for teachers.

The Happy Teachers for Romania Podcast 

Together with all these events we launched the podcast Profesori Fericiți pentru România, dedicated to conversations about well-being, where we have talked about the challenges of being a teacher in the current times. The podcast was created from the desire to support teachers and all those who want to practice their profession with kindness and enthusiasm.

We look forward to seeing you at all the events that make up the Teachers’ Well-Being Month!  

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Newsletter, January 2021

by ttworg

Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed the winter holidays and that you welcomed the New Year in good health, with gratefulness and joy. We look forward to many new challenges and opportunities this year, all of which we will guide you through with optimism and enthusiasm.


A small gift from the heart at the beginning of the year

Each book The Teacher Within/Profesorul din tine ordered in our online store, no matter whether the purchase is individual or part of a larger TTW package, will be sent with a dedication and Simona’s autograph! Thus, you will receive a kind thought written and sent with lots of love and consideration by the author herself.

Find the The Teacher Within book and packages at:


We are launching a new challenge:

A 10 days podcast with The Teacher Within

 Within this program, we invite you to allocate one minute for daily meditation for 10 days, with Simona’s guidance. We hope this introspection guide will help you enter each class with a positive attitude, empathy, and compassion, to become mindful of your students’ needs, and to be there for them each time they need your support and understanding.


Winter Conversation Series

The beginnings are decisive, but it is important to maintain our well-being throughout the year.

 Therefore, in February, we will launch a new edition of our meetings on the Facebook page Profesori fericiți pentru România, within the series of events ”Winter Conversations”.

As usual, Gabriela Secoșan will moderate the discussions with Simona Baciu and her special guests, opinion leaders in education. We are waiting for you on Facebook, starting with the 4th of February, every Thursday, at 5:00 PM, to learn together how to protect our emotional balance.


Teachers’ Well-Being – A Conscious Journey

We continue our national training program entitled Teachers’ Well-Being – A Conscious Journey with the generous support of Herlitz Romania and Azomureș.

On the 18th January, a new series of teachers from Cluj and Mures counties will learn how to reduce stress and build emotional resilience to reach a state of inner harmony.



If you have any suggestions, questions, or would just like to reach out to us, please email us at:

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Newsletter, December 2020

by ttworg

Dear Friends

Every end of the year becomes a good opportunity for reflection and introspection, in which we draw the line, examine our soul, and think about what has happened to us over the past 12 months. It is the moment when we allow ourselves to celebrate, to boast, and to acknowledge our hard work and the successes of the past year. We are launching a challenge, urging you to think about all the moments that brought a smile on your face, all the moments when you felt joy, happiness, relaxation, or comfort. Many times, we tend not to look over the small joys and remember only the greater ones. This time, feel free to acknowledge your merits for everything you’ve done to make your life more beautiful. Write them on a piece of paper and read them several times. If you feel the need, share with us the emotions you feel when you read them, so that we can share some happy moments together!

Regarding our activity, in which you were also participants, we wish to present to you briefly some landmarks that brought us joy in the past month.

Our December Harvest Basket

We continued the discussions with numerous opinion leaders in education and not only, about the importance of the well-being of teachers, within the Fall Conversation Series

Within the last edition that took place on December 3, we had a very special guest, Mrs. Monica Anisie, Minister of Education and Research. It was a meeting of the soul, a great honor, but also a great pleasure to discuss with the Minister both on topics of public interest related to education, and from the perspective of a mother and teacher. If you haven’t seen the live show, we invite you to discover it here.

The first edition of the program „Teachers’ Well-Being”, supported by the companies Herlitz Romania and Azomureș, has concluded for the two groups of 30 teachers each from Cluj and Mures counties. Through the practices of mindfulness and resilience acquired in the course, teachers will be able to create a context that prevents them from the risk of physical and emotional exhaustion, having at hand the tools necessary for communication based on empathy, compassion, and respect. The program continues! At the beginning of next year, we will announce the date of the following training session.

The mindfulness campaign „A Journey of 100 Days Toward Your Well-Being” with Radio Itsy Bitsy, inspired by the book “The Teacher Within”, continues to inspire! We’ve already traveled more than half way through. 😊

If you wish to value your moments of rest in a productive way, this show can be accessed any time both on Youtube, and on Facebook.

What’s Hidden in Our News Satchel?

There are only a few more days left until Santa arrives! Children are the first ones to write up their wish lists, but how about you all? What would you like to receive or to give to others this year? 

As promised in the previous newsletter, we created a collection of products inspired by the book The Theacher Within/Profesorul din Tine. They are intended both for practicing mindfulness techniques and to be integrated into the daily lives of those who wish to live in harmony and balance with themselves, their thoughts, and emotions. The sets consist of small tools, as we like to call them, to help you on your journey towards Well-Being. We invite you to discover them and maybe even offer them as gifts to the ones you care about!

We hope the magic of Christmas fills your souls and homes and that the holiday season brings you health, peace, and harmony!

Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with lots of inspiration and joy!


If you have suggestions, questions or just simply wish to reach out to us, please contact us at the email address: profesorifericiț

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Newsletter, November 2020

by ttworg

Dear Friends,

We hope you have gone through this period with serenity and fulfillment!

We know that sometimes the responsibilities we have may seem overwhelming, but we are here to assure you that it is natural, humane, and extremely beneficial to seek the support of others when you need it. Thus, we are always with you through our courses and programs.

Our November Harvest Basket

On November 26, we launched a new program, „Positive Behavioral Strategies”. This course is supported by De’Longhi company and will run for 8 weeks. This initiative is intended to create, develop and implement programs for Well-Being in the Classroom. 3 schools from Cluj County responded enthusiastically to this initiative and work hard to develop the state of well-being both for themselves and their students.

On November 3 we launched the program „Teachers’ Well-Being”, accomplished with the generous support of the companies Herlitz România and Azomureș. Through mindfulness and resilience practices, each teacher will be able to create a context that saves them from the risk of physical and emotional exhaustion, having at hand the necessary tools for good communication, based on empathy, compassion, and respect. The program started with two groups, of 30 teachers each, from Cluj and Mureș counties, and in the coming months, we will reach out to teachers from all over the country.

During this month we invite you to our live meetings entitled “Autumn Conversations”, held each Thursday on Facebook (the recordings can be found on our Facebook page).

The mindfulness campaign on radio Itsy Bitsy „A Journey of 100 Days Toward Your Well-Being”, based on the book The Teacher Within, is also a great succes. 

If you want to capitalize on your moments of rest productively, the two shows are at your disposal at any time.

What’s hidden in our news satchel?

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a collection of custom-made products very soon! You will be able to choose from the four types of Self-Care packages, which contain the tools necessary for each day to run in a balanced, motivating, and inspiring way.

Follow us closely!

If you have suggestions, questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, please email us at: profesorifericiț

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Newsletter, October 2020

by ttworg

Dear Friends,

We hope you kicked the new school year off with positve thoughts and lots of success!

Beginnings are always crucial, however it’s important to maintain our well-being throughout the academic year. Therefore, we invite you to join us each Thursday, at 10 AM, EDT, at our weekly “Fall Conversations”, on Facebook Profesori fericiți pentru România, where we will learn together how to protect our emotional balance in this chaotic, unpredictable period.

But good news never comes alone : on October 5, on Education Day precisely, Radio Itsy Bitsy launched a new TV show on mindfulness, entitled ‘100 Days Journey Towards Well-Being’, a journey of self-discovery that helps us find our balance and harmony in life.

And because the success of others is a source of joy and inspiration, we are pleased to announce that the second generation of courageous teachers have just completed the training ‘Teachers’ Well-Being. A Conscious Journey’.

What have we prepared for you in the near future?

We are aware of the fact that the unique situation we are facing is upsetting and difficult to handle emotionally, therefore we created for you, with the support of Herliz Romania, a new national program designated to enhance your inner harmony.

But, we will not disclose more about this surprise just yet; we will return with details at the end of this month.

Nevertheless, we can tell you more about another project we are preparing for you – an international Masterclass held in partnership with Positive Education, designed to build your emotional immunity by strenghtening mental resilience, avoiding the traps of negative thinking and anchoring to the present moment. If you are interested in improving your resilience on a personal or professional level, you can find us only one click away.

The following session of our online training

Teachers’ Well-Being: A Conscious Journey

starts in the second half of October and we still have a few available places for those who are eager to learn about the practices that corelate kindness and self-care with emotional and physical health. 

If you have suggestions, questions or just simply wish to contact us for any other reason, please email us at :

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Newsletter, September 2020

by ttworg

If it’s Thursday, it’s about Well-Being!

We remember with great joy those summer days when we discussed with opinion leaders, educational experts, teachers and students about the importance of Teachers’ Well-Being, within the series of events entitled “Summer Talks”. We recharged our emotional batteries with lots of positive energy for the beginning of such a different kind of new school year. 

The great interest and involvement of our followers honors us; 90K views, thousands of likes, comments and shares motivate us to carry on with new events that address the theme of teachers’ well-being.

Emotion Management at the Beginning of a New School Year 

Throughout September, we will continue with a series of short, live events on Facebook in order to share with members of our community techniques and practical exercises that help reduce the daily stress and provide tools for a better management of emotions before the beginning of the new school year.

The techniques presented by Simona Baciu, Founder of the program Happy Teachers for Romania are detailed within our online training sessions .

The discussions will be moderated by Gabriela Secoșan, Director of our training program, who will read the participants’ questions live.

The Online Training „Teachers’ Well-Being. A Conscious Journey”

On October 5, we will start working as a team with the fourth generation of teachers enrolled in online training, „Teachers’ Well-Being. A Conscious Journey”. The course focuses on the importance of teachers’ well-being, emotional and physical health, including 5 live sessions, individual guided study on a digital platform and meetings within the Reflection Groups. The aim of the program is to offer teachers innovative courses based on research in the field of neuroscience on the practices of mindfulness, resilience and well-being.

For enrollment and for further information, please click here.

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Newsletter, August 2020

by ttworg

Summer is full of emotions; joy of having learned and achieved new things, fear or worries related to the beginning of the new school year, hope that no matter what comes next, with a touch of courage we will be able to get over it, gratitude because we still have time to adjust to whatever may await us in fall and last but not least, love and caring for our children.

Insecurity can block us, but if we plan with the idea of adaptability ahead, with confidence in our strengths and those of our students, I’m hopeful that we will be surprised with positive results.

From the desire to be connected,

and to create an authentic community of courageous teachers:

  • We concluded the campaign ,,5 minutes a day for you”.  During the summer, we invited teachers to participate in our campaign and to allocate 5 minutes each day for a state of well-being, to be physically and emotionally prepared for the new school year.  Exercises for well-being are already known for their short duration and long-term effects. They can change the way we think, make us more optimistic, thus the brain can be trained to see the positive aspects of life faster. Our suggestion of spending 5 minutes a day with practical exercises can teach you to reconnect gently and kindly to yourself.
  • We continued the discussions with numerous opinion leaders in education and not only, about the importance of the well-being of teachers, within the series of events „Summer Talks”. The events are hosted by Simona Baciu, founder of the program Happy Teachers for Romania and are moderated by Gabriela Secoșan, director of our training program.
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Newsletter, July 2020

by ttworg

It is said that we learn from our mistakes. Although most of us agree with this expression, when we are put in such a situation, it is not so easy to trust it. It can become challenging when we or those around us make a mistake not to judge, but to invite reflection, analysis, and conclusions about how we can improve.

We have a tradition in our team. After each event, we discuss and divide the feedback into two categories: “What was good” and “What can we improve”. We were thrilled with the notion of improvement that replaced the word mistake, but we realised that we were wasting the value of the experience, ignoring it or quickly passing over half of it. That half was “What was good.”

As we learn from mistakes, we can go one step further and we can learn from success. What went wrong? Why did work well? How can I replicate or continue? Maybe some of you are already taking this important step. Maybe others didn’t even think about it. Why is it so difficult to learn from success? Because we need to become aware of them and be grateful for our work.

We had the joy of celebrating success with those from the community of Merito Bucovina (part of Proiectul Merito)

Together with Susan Shapiro and Simona Baciu, we talked to “Explain Everything” community about the emotional resilience that teachers have shown in these challenging months at Celebrating the success of remote teaching. | Explain Everything

We had the honour of being invited to ATEE Suceava where we had the opportunity to emphasize the importance of teachers’ well-being and the need to start well-built programs to truly support teachers.

What do we do next?

Upcoming events:

  • The first month of summer brought us a reason for gratitude due to the completion of the course “A Conscious Journey Toward Well-being”, a program that commences with a new series of training sessions, starting with the new academic year, on September 1st. Subscriptions will be announced here.
  • We are launching the series of Summer Talks starting with a discussion with Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, moderated by Gabriela Secoșan. 
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Newsletter, June 2020

by ttworg

Celebrating Success!

Today we celebrate the end of yet another school year; a school year different from anything we’ve known so far.

If someone had told us in the fall that we would be teaching all the courses online by the end of the year, we wouldn’t have thought it was possible. We faced many challenges while we tried to adapt. We learned a lot of new things, maybe even from our students, but eventually, we succeeded. We succeeded because we did not let ourselves be defeated, and for us, the teachers, it is a priority to be with our students. Thanks to these beliefs and our resilience, we succeeded.

Congratulations! Congratulations for every success, be it small or big, for every child who stayed connected with the school, for every solution found and for every challenge you faced with a lot of courage.

In this different year our message about the importance of caring for teachers has reached over 3,000 people.

We have successfully completed a Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being, together with 75 teachers who have invested every week of their time to rediscover themselves and bring to the surface all their qualities that will help them continue to teach with kindness and empathy.

What shall we do next? 

One thing is certain. We will not stop strongly believing in teachers and in their ability to be authentic role models for every student.

Upcoming events:

On Monday, June 15, we shall see you online on Zoom and live on Facebook, for the official booklaunch of “The Teacher Within” at Carturești. The Teacher Within, invites us on a 100 days journey of introspection, while readers learns each day something new about themselves, discover their core values, their power to overcome challenges and the state of well-being that fuels their motivation to go on with enthusiasm day by day. When us, adults, live in a state of well-being, this is reflected on everything we, having a major impact upon all our relationships.

We will launch the summer campaign 5 minutes a day for you, where we will invite teachers to allocate only 5 minutes each day to their well-being.  

We will meet with teachers from all over the world on the webinar Celebrating success of remote learning where we will talk about the book and will launch the international training program.  

At the end of August we will relaunch the online training A Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being. Follow the FB page Profesori Fericiți pentru România to be up to date with all our events.  

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