Newsletter, August 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

The new school year is fast approaching, and we want to have everything ready in time! This summer we dedicated ourselves to creating educational products for teachers and students, as well as updating the information in our courses and training. Although we love summer, autumn gives us hope and optimism because of the beginnings we share together. And since this endeavor is so important to us, we want each detail to be perfected so that every student and every teacher can share the same joy as us in the classroom.

2022/2023 Calendar of our class

Each school year brings new opportunities and special days, which we must enjoy together with our students. Made in the form of a planner, it can be put on the wall, it has spaces to fill holidays, celebrations, trips, tests, theses or any other event that you want to mark together with the students. The calendar also provides for the writing of the classroom rules and values, elements that help support a sense of community that you create together in the classroom.

Within its second edition, the Class Calendar brings new elements, thanks to a much greater degree of customization. Thus, each calendar will have a number of stickers, which teachers and students can stick on the calendar, depending on the type of event they want to mark. The calendar is also provided with a legend, where each symbol and sticker is explained.

· provides transparency;
· provides an overview of the school year;
· develops students’ autonomy and decision-making;
· helps plan long-term events;
· encourages student accountability;
· facilitates the establishment of deadlines that can be easily followed;
· It has a high degree of customization and a pleasant design that easily integrates into any classroom.

The Class Calendar is a product of the brand Happy Teachers for Romania, the only training program that offers teachers the opportunity to learn the latest techniques by which they can teach with empathy and enthusiasm.

The product can be purchased by following the link here.


The launch of the book

The Teacher Within Guide
100 Exercises for Well-Being

As I mentioned earlier, this summer we have been preparing intensively for the new school year that will start in less than a month. The Teacher Within Guide – 100 Exercises for Well-Being, written by Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, is a practical guide containing 100 breathing, meditation, concentration and reflection exercises designed to support well-being in the classroom. Even though the first edition appears in Romanian, soon enough, the English version will be out too!

The exercises are meant to help teachers who want to make significant improvements in the classroom. In other words, through them, the teachers will become aware of themselves, their values ​​and qualities. At the same time, the teachers will learn techniques for living in the present moment, which will help them regain their energy during the difficult moments of the day. They will discover how to listen to their thoughts, understand their emotions and make conscious choices for the well-being of the students.

Simona Baciu, one of the authors of the book, motivates the necessity of the book as follows: “The past is a construction of memory, and the future is a construction of imagination. And we choose daily to live in one of the two temporal dimensions, running away from the present or simply ignoring it. Sometimes living in the present is challenging and reality can be different from what we really want. Living in acceptance means that what I have now is what I need, what I can control, and also what can bring me peace, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, motivation.”

The book can be purchased by following the link here.


New trainings at work

The temperatures have been very high for the past few days, and we thought it was a good opportunity to spend some time in nature. We looked for inspiration, not only in the latest published studies, but also in the silence and coolness of the forest.

Everyone of us found their inspiration, in different forms. For example, Sabina Pop, one of our trainers, made a new friend who watched over her carefully and throughout her work. Not all of us were as lucky, but we are glad for their new friendship and the ingenious ideas that followed.

We wish you an amazing holiday ahead and we look forward to meeting again in September with new projects and new surprises.


Elena-Ioana Crăciun, content writer

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Newsletter, July 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

Even though the summer holiday has already started, we continue the educational activities and projects. For us, education is a continuous process, which we develop every month, every week, every day by turning every need into a solution.


Happy Teachers for Romania was organized at Cluj

On July 8, I had the pleasure of organizing a new training, at Cluj-Napoca, for teachers who are going to digitize their classrooms and educational planning. The initiative was organized in partnership with Samsung.

The teacher’s well-being course was conducted in a 7-hour session, during which, in addition to teaching, there were numerous knowledge-fixing activities, organized in the form of collective and individual games.

The interaction on a group level filled our souls with joy. Curious participants constantly asked questions and created hypothetical scenarios to analyze different possible contexts. During all this time, we learned, laughed and created unforgettable experiences together.

We are One Camp

As we announced in the previous newsletter, at the end of June we organized, between June 20-24, the camp We are One, intended exclusively for Ukrainian students, aged between 6 and 8 years. Games and songs were not lacking in our camp, and the infectious happiness of the children made us go back in time for a few moments. During the days spent with Ukrainian students, I learned a precious lesson: even if times have changed, joy can be discovered in the simplest, smallest things.

For all participants we prepared fun activities, from games to hiking and campfires, to remind us of the importance of socializing, solidarity and empathy. All this was done under the guidance of dedicated teachers, who came from different parts of the country, to ensure that students have unique experiences with their friends.

We Are One camp reminded us of the joy and innocence of childhood, of the smiles that inevitably appeared at every game we had with friends, and of the songs we hummed incessantly as a symbol of our daily reunion.

A reflection for teachers: two years of facilitating a flexible class

After a school year in which we had academic results with our students, we are starting the summer vacation. It is a good time to recharge our batteries and look towards the future. We invite you to reflect on a beneficial topic for reducing stress in the classroom in the next school year: creating a flexible classroom.

The article we invite you to read is entitled “A reflection for teachers: two years of facilitation” and presents practical examples of Mrs. Elizabeth Church, who shared her experience of the 2019 Stress-Free Education Conference, as well as how to put into practice all the knowledge gained during the event.

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Newsletter, June 2022

by ttworg

Dear Friends

We started the month of June with great joy, thanks to you, who constantly support us in the activities we carry out. We ended May with the Emotional Health Week event, to which, this year, we added two extra days, full of surprises: a webinar on the importance of emotional health and a virtual exchange of experiences between the teachers who participated in our event.

We have prepared a big surprise for this summer: We are One! Our camps are organized in 3 series with Ukrainian and Romanian students and for which we are looking for 3 teachers eager to accompany our students.

We are One Summer Camps

Because we are constantly concerned for the well-being of those around us, once with the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine, we have turned our attention, empathy, and resources to support refugees. In addition to the project “Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine”, we have been involved in organizing various activities for refugees, and at the moment, we intend to organize a series of 3 summer camps for our students, under the name We are One!

The first camp will be dedicated exclusively to Ukrainian students, aged between 6 and 8, and will take place on June 20-24th. The location where the camp will take place is Muntele Băișorii, a real dreamland, due to its landscapes and the tranquility, which allow all participants to forget about everyday problems. There, a compound of 4 cottages is looking forward to hosting the students. To date, the total number of people wishing to participate is 42.

More photos can be viewed on the Simplicity Retreat Facebook Page

In addition to this first camp, we plan to organize two more, with the participation of mixed groups of children, Romanians and Ukrainians, during July and August. 

The dates on which the camps will be organized are:

  • July 25 – July 30
  • August 8 – August 13

We are currently looking for three English speaking teachers to supervise in the last two series we are organizing. 

If you may be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address


Happy Teachers for Romania

At the beginning of May, we started new conscious journeys with the teachers from Argeș, Prahova, and Covasna counties. Now, after 5 weeks, we are very pleased to announce that it has been a great success. We had with us educators and teachers who wanted to make a change in the classroom and who understood how important their well-being is.

We had over 300 participants with us, and all together we managed to make a beneficial change in education. Our journey continues and we want our entire community to reach every county in Romania!


Emotional Health Week Summary

As I told you earlier, Emotional Health Week is one of the events we look forward to because of you. This year we were in the second edition, the debut being in 2021. It was one of the moments when we remembered what the community really means, the united team and eager to undertake as many different activities as possible. of those we know, but who also support education.

The entire activity took place on our Emotional Health Week Facebook group (Săptămâna Sănătății Emoționale), where teachers posted photos or videos of students enthusiastically fulfilling the challenges we launched. From one day to the next, we saw the number of members in our group increase. About 100 new entrants daily made us count a total of 4,500 participants this year.

This year we wanted to bring an element of novelty compared to the previous edition, for which we added two extra days: May 30th and May 31st. On the first day, May 30th, respectively, teachers were able to find “friendly schools” in order to create a healthy and long-lasting friendship that would benefit their future projects, organized together.

On the second extra day, May 31st, respectively, the Webinar dedicated to the importance of emotional health took place. The webinar garnered 6,700 views, 240 comments and 22 shares. It can be viewed by accessing our Facebook page, Happy Teachers for Romania or through the link available here.

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Newsletter, May 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

May is preparing big surprises for you! It is the month of emotions, which is why we want to provide you with the right framework to support emotional health, both in the classroom and outside it. It is the time when we learn to pay more attention to how we feel, what decisions we make, and the actions we take. School performance also depends on the emotional state, which is why we will learn together how this might be an advantage for the educational process.

Emotional Health Week

In May, we prepared and organized a new edition of the event “Emotional Health Week”, where we will share with teachers and students. As in the previous edition, this year we want to bring as much joy as possible in classrooms across the country.

Our event aims to raise awareness of the importance of emotional health among teachers and students. Each day of the week has a theme closely related to emotional health, being supported by accessible activities to any teacher/student.

Last year the first edition of the event took place, and since it was a real success with an impact on 3,000 teachers and about 60,000 students, we want this year to have as many as possible participants, eager to carry out our activities.

The edition we want to carry out in 2022 also has something new: in addition to the 5 days of activities, we have prepared two more special days. The event takes place between May 23rd-27th, and the surprises will be on the 30th and 31st of the same month.

At the end of the event, the most active teachers and students will receive prizes from us: the coloring books Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine. As participants, you will be able to demonstrate your involvement in Emotional Health Week through the personalized certificates. More information will be provided in the coming days on the Facebook group Emotional Health Week.

Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine

The coloring book ”Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine” continues to be distributed nationwide to Ukrainian refugees. After the launch of the book in April, we paid attention to distribute it to as many refugees as possible.

“Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine” is the first book in three editions. The next two will have different themes: puzzle and maze. The books will be printed in June and September, and will be distributed nationwide in institutions and organizations that support or take care of Ukrainian refugees.

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Newsletter, April 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

April is here! “April” means “to open” and it comes from the association with nature that brings us to life. It is the month when flowers and leaves open, but for us, April means more than that: new opportunities and new doors open for a bright future.

The Teacher Within in Covasna, Argeș and Prahova counties

This month we start the registrations for the national training program, “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”, from the counties of Covasna, Argeș and Prahova! As you already know, the training lasts five weeks in which we will begin our conscious journey together as teachers. Our first session will take place on the 10th of May. 

Through this program, we aim to offer teachers new, practical suggestions for emotional and physical health which contribute to our well-being. The advice may be used in classrooms, but also in our daily life. 

The structure of the program includes a theoretical and a practical part. This program will include theoretical support, but also techniques and exercises that can be implemented. The program consists of five live sessions, individual guided study on a digital platform and meetings with reflection groups. To sum up, the program totals twenty-five hours.

Registrations can be made until April 30 by filling out the form at the following link: 

SuperTeach Conference in March 2022, Luduș

The “Happy Teachers for Romania” team was present at the SuperTeach Conference, organized on March 19, in Luduș. Simona Baciu, founder of the “Happy Teachers for Romania” program, together with Sonia Tekereș, trainer of the program, brought to the public two very current topics: stress due to trauma in difficult times and positive behavioral strategies in the classroom.

The presentation given by Simona Baciu, as well as the workshop presented by Sonia Tekeș aroused a wave of positive reactions and appreciations. We were very pleased to see that the participants listened to us with great interest and attention and that they asked questions and wanted further explanations. The feedback, received at the end, filled our souls with gratitude. We are glad that we were able to share some of our knowledge.

On this occasion, we also thank our friends from SuperTeach and look forward to seeing you again at another conference, where we hope to be in as many numbers as possible!

Programs dedicated to refugees in Cluj County

We are here for Ukraine! We are aware of the difficult situations that Ukrainians are going through, which is why we want to give them all the support they need to get through this period as easily as possible.

For people eager to learn Romanian at a basic level, the County Library “Octavian Goga” in Cluj organizes courses for people in Ukraine, beginning in April. Registration is done through an online form. Places are limited and their occupancy is in the order of registration.

More details about the course here: 

Registration link: 

Also, Hotel & Vila Granata – Football Cluj CFR 1907 Cluj will create a support center for refugees, where they will offer trainers, counseling, information, legal advice, medical assistance, registration for employment in the county, but also accommodation for at least eighty people. The children and young people enrolled can benefit from programs that allow them to continue their studies. This center also offers telephone support (0364406518) or online (

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Newsletter, March 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends, 

The month of March is a symbol of growth and spring. This month opens new roads and gives us hope, and on this occasion, we wish you all a happy spring!


Webinar: We’re talking about Stress and Trauma in Difficult Times

Although spring brings us joy and hope in our souls, this year’s global events challenge our emotions, feelings and experiences. We cannot remain indifferent to all of this, therefore we would like to announce that we are going to organize a series of webinars dedicated to headmasters and teachers. These webinars are for those who are responsible for providing students with explanations about the current context, solutions and the methods they should adopt, so that difficult emotional situations are managed as efficiently as possible. The headmasters and the teachers are obligated to come up with concrete answers and solutions regarding the pandemic context, but also for initiating a potential state of alert for carrying out national and international military actions. 

Considering this context, in collaboration with the Cluj County School Inspectorate and the Transylvania College Foundation, we organize the webinar, “We’re talking about Stress and Trauma in Difficult Times”.

The materials developed for this webinar were created in collaboration with experts in the neuroscience field from the United States of America, with the support of psychologist Sarah How. Even if, in the first stage, the webinar is addressed to teachers in Cluj-Napoca County, in the near future we intend to expand the series of webinars throughout the country, so that all educators can act effectively in these presented situations. 

The materials made available to the headmasters and teachers contain suggestions for creating lesson plans, which will facilitate the understanding of the events by students and young people.The topics addressed in the webinar will be related to risk factors, which have a strong emotional impact on children and adults, and their understanding of stress and trauma. Moreover, a series of techniques will be explained that support the effective management of feelings and emotions that can disturb our tranquility.

The event will have a training format and will take place on the Zoom platform, to be transmitted by Simona Baciu. The dates for this webinar are as follows:

MARCH 10th – The webinar dedicated to the head masters;

MARCH 15th – Webinar dedicated to the teachers from primary education;

For more details about the registrations, please contact us at the email address profesorifericiț or follow us on our Facebook page – Happy Teachers for Romania.


Global Movement Saves the Ground – Conscious Planet

The importance we give to well-being is reflected not only in human relationships, but also in the care we give to the environment. Sabina Pop, trainer and psychologist within the Happy Teachers for Romania program, is one of the members of our team that militates for a Conscious Planet. This global initiative to Save Our Soil is intended to attract the support of world leaders, influential figures and more than 3.5 billion citizens, to prioritize environmental concerns everywhere. Eminent institutions, scientists, public figures and spiritual leaders such as the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama, have already joined in on the effort to achieve this goal.



Through our initiative, we aim to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to get involved in this evolving project. The project offers teachers, pupils and students the opportunity to be informed and volunteer from their own homes. This is a part of the unique global initiative to acquire communication, organizational skills and more.

We want to emphasize that it does not matter what subject you teach, whether you are an educator, a teacher or a headmaster. All that is important is that you want to share your knowledge with your students about the importance of saving the soil. In order to achieve the proposed objective, we provide those interested with resources and possible activities that you can use and explore in the classroom.



If you would like to get involved, please express your interest by sending an email to Sabina Pop at: Subsequently, you will receive an email from Roxana, teacher and volunteer of Save the Soil – Conscious Planet, and she will share with you valuable resources and the next steps in this endeavor.

For more information you can consult:

Exhibition Themes – Conscious Planet

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Newsletter, February 2022

by ttworg

Dear Friends, 

February, the month of well-being, brings us many reasons to smile. The first being, what has happened in the last month, and this is especially due to the fact that, without you, we would not have been able to reach this stage. We believe that the emotional and social health of teachers must be protected, so we direct our actions towards creating the activities necessary to support the benefits of well-being. This, in turn, will also favor the development of school behavior and success, including with the students.

We created this concept, the Teacher’s Wellbeing Month, with the desire to promote the benefits for teachers’ well-being, in the classroom and beyond, because the emotional and social health of teachers has a positive impact on the students’ school behavior and success.


Happy Teachers for Romania in Sălaj and Ilfov 

We would like to let you know that two new groups, from Sălaj and Ilfov, have joined our training program last month, which is known as “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”.

Our partners, PRO Connect and Azomures, permanently support us in the programs carried out, due to the contributions made, both in the training and in other initiatives, and are indispensable to the growth of our community.

The two groups from Sălaj and Ilfov will complete within the month the national training, “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”, as follows: the group from Sălaj on February 23rd and, respectively, the group from Ilfov on February 28th.

The Teacher Within International

In addition to this national news, we are also bringing international news, specifically from the United States of America, where we launched The Teacher Within International program. The beginning of the program consists of training which is approximately 8 hours, where new members have joined our community and will be introduced to the conscious journey of well-being. 

Next, we want to expand this program in as many schools as possible in the United States of America, so that we can share with teachers what this journey entails.




Podcast “Room for Dialogue” 

As we have also mentioned before, February is the “Month of teacher well-being”. We would like to pass this on to everyone who wishes to acquire it. Thus, we are going to launch a new Monthly Podcast, under the name “Room for Dialogue”. The first recording will take place between February 21-27, and during the dialogue, which will be moderated by Oana Buzatu, each guest of the C-EDU Education Cluster will be able to present their perspective and expertise on various educational topics of the XXI century. The topic of these discussions will be determined in advance, and the first episode of this Podcast’s theme will be “The well-being of the teacher”

The C-EDU cluster is an association founded in Cluj-Napoca, in 2020, which supports the professional training of pupils and students. Since the members of the C-EDU Cluster are people who are distinguished by their merits of education at the national and international level, we believe that such voices can share with us valuable opinions that support the evolution of the educational system. 

The broadcast of the podcast “Room for dialogue” will be online, facilitating the access of all people who have tangencies with the educational system and are eager to find out the opinions and expertise of the members of the C-EDU Cluster. With a duration of roughly one hour, the first episode will be broadcast on February 28 and can be watched on the official website of the C-EDU Cluster, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Anchor pages.




Official Site Cluster C-EDU:

For any details or suggestions, please contact us at the email address: profesorifericiț

Thank you!

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Newsletter, January 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

 We hope that the new year has found you healthy and that you have welcomed it with joy and gratitude. We have a lot of challenges and opportunities ahead of us, which we will help you to go through it with serenity, optimism, and enthusiasm.

 Coming soon… Teacher’s Well-being Month

The beginnings are decisive and will help us maintain our well-being throughout the year. That is why, in February, we will organize, together with the Finnish Teacher Training Center and other partners, the third edition of the Teacher’s Wellbeing Month. We created this concept out of the desire to promote the benefits of the well-being of teachers, in and outside of their classroom, because the emotional and social health of the teacher has a positive impact on the behavior and school success of the students. 

Throughout the month of February, we will organize a series of online activities dedicated to the teachers, meant to provide them with the necessary support for them to feel comfortable in their role as creators in education and to pass on to students joy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. The great advantage of these virtual events is that we will be able to create connections with teachers from all over the country, we will be able to exchange experiences and ideas and we will develop the beautiful community that was formed around the Happy Teachers for Romania program:

  • From January 31st to the end of February, every Monday, we will launch a weekly challenge addressed to the teachers.
    • Every Tuesday, we will organize an online workshop in collaboration with the trainers from the Happy Teachers for Romania program, but also with an invited trainer.
  • Every Thursday, we will launch a new Podcast from the Well-Being Around the World series with international or diaspora guests, during which we will discuss educational projects from abroad.
  • We will release a “surprise” material for teachers. ☺

Pro Conect will be our partner in 2022!

We are glad to have with us a company interested in supporting our programs and initiatives and helping us create new connections with teachers across the country! Pro Conect is one of the national leaders in providing construction, maintenance, and connection services for customers to telecommunications services and, at the same time, a company that invests and supports education. We thank them for joining us!

National Training “Teacher’s Wellbeing”

With the support of Azomures and Pro Conect, our new partner, we continue the national training program Teacher’s Wellbeing – a conscious journey.

This week, a new series of teachers, from Sălaj and Ilfov counties, will learn how to reduce stress and build their emotional resilience, in order to reach a state of inner harmony.


If you have any suggestions, questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address.

Follow us on the Happy Teachers for Romania Facebook page to keep up to date with news and events within our community.

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Newsletter, December 2021

by ttworg

We learn together. The journey continues in 2022!

Dear friends,

We invite you to celebrate this end of the year under the sign of gratitude, that emotion often invisible, but healing and fulfilling. Gratitude is the feeling of expressing appreciation for what we have, it is the act of contentment and focus on the good in our lives.  Our thoughts of gratitude go out to all those who have supported us this year to grow, develop and dare to look forward with confidence and courage. 

As for our work, we briefly present you some milestones that make us grateful for this year that is coming to an end.

The National Training “Teacher Well-being”

The training program “Teacher’s well-being”, carried out with the support of Herlitz Romania, Pelikan Romania and Azomures, reached out 1,140 teachers from 14 counties in the country. By using mindfulness practices and the resilience acquired in the course, teachers will be able to create a context in which they are protected from the risk of physical and emotional exhaustion, having at hand the necessary tools for gentle teaching and communication based on empathy and compassion. 

The program continues! At the beginning of next year, we will announce the next training session.

10 Days Podcast with the Teacher Within

In January, for 10 days, we invited you to allocate one minute a day for a meditation guided by Simona Baciu, the founder of the Happy Teachers for Romania program. We wanted this introspection guide to help you enter into the class with a positive attitude, empathy and compassion, to pay attention to the needs of your students and to be with them when they need your support and understanding.

Teacher’s Month of Well-being in Romanian Education

In February, we organized the second edition of the Teacher’s Well-being Month, a program through which we promote the benefits of teachers’ well-being, in the classroom and beyond. 

Our initiative was joined by the Finnish Teacher Training Centre Sibiu and 10 private schools in the country, which helped us organize a series of online activities dedicated to teachers, meant to provide them with the necessary support for them to feel supported in their role as creators of education and to pass on joy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude to their students.

Launching the Happy Teachers for Romania Podcast

In the Teacher’s Month of Well-Being, we launched the Happy Teachers for Romania Podcast, which was created out of the desire to support teachers and all those who wanted to practice their profession with gentleness and passion. What can we do to feel better, overcome stress, anxiety and restlessness, accept and valorize ourselves more? How can we create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom by conveying positive thoughts to our students that will make them participate in our classes with joy? What does it take to be a happy teacher? The answers to these questions were found in the collection of Conversations for Well-being, in which the challenge of being a teacher in these times was discussed in a different way.

Conversations “with Charm” with Simona Baciu and her guests

Within the “Happy Teachers for Romania”  Podcast, we launched a series of 6 episodes supported by Farmec (Charm), the largest producer of cosmetics in Romania.

Our partners have supported us in cultivating the mental, emotional, but also physical well-being of the members of our community and we are grateful for their support. Among the guests were Adrian Hădean, Daciana Sârbu, Amalia Sterescu, Gilda Scarfe, Oana Moşoiu and Lilia Dicu.

Well-being Conversations  with Gabriela Secoșan and her guests

Our live meetings, on Facebook, had a new format, in which Gabriela Secoșan, the director of the training program “Happy Teachers for Romania”, discussed with her guests about how we can reach the State of Well-being and what is its importance, from various perspectives. Each month was dedicated to a certain topic.

Emotional Health Week

The last week of May was dedicated to emotional health in the classroom and generated a real movement for Well-being among teachers across the country. Over 30,000 teachers and children enjoyed together creative activities, discussions and games. This “different week” can be adapted according to the wishes and needs of each class and put into practice at any time, thus bringing more joy, enthusiasm and connection between children and their teachers. Each day of Emotional Health Week has a certain theme and challenge that children and teachers must meet. Thus, students and preschoolers had the opportunity to recognize, control and value their emotions for constructive purposes and beneficial to their emotional development.

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

During the summer holidays, teachers in our community relaunched a concept dedicated to reading, entitled D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read). Reading is an enjoyable activity, useful in the short and long term, which stimulates critical thinking and develops vocabulary. In order to attract students to read, we need to make this experience fun, relaxing and enjoyable, to present their books in a positive light. Through this project, the joy of reading has reached schools across the country.

Happy Teachers’ Calendar

The new school year has come with a lot of plans and opportunities to accomplish great things with our students. Thus, we have launched a school calendar, created especially for your class! Made in the form of a planner, it can be glued to the wall, has spaces to be able to be completed with holidays, celebrations, excursions, tests, theses or any other event that you want to mark with students.

 Education for Wellbeing Conference  

We are extremely grateful that, on November 6th, over 3000 teachers joined our initiative to make known the importance of well-being and the role it plays in the classroom!

Our team has been dreaming of this event for a long time and we are glad that, finally, the dream has come true, turning into the Education for Well-being Conference

What can we do? What’s up to us? Where to start?

These were the questions to which we wanted to offer you practical answers, easy to transfer in the teaching activity. We have invited people who want to be an authentic support for teachers and students and who have been eager to share with you their experience and advice and, in turn, to listen to your experiences and advice.  Learning from each other we grow harmoniously together!

Study on the Well-being of teachers in Romania

The first study on the emotional health of teachers in Romania was carried out, between March and May 2021, at the initiative of the Happy Teachers for Romania program – an initiative supported by the Transylvania College Foundation in Cluj-Napoca, together with Dr. Gilda Scarfe, psychologist, founder of Positive Ed, in partnership with Merito, SuperTeach, Romanian Business Leaders and the C-EDU Education Cluster.

The results of the study, presented at the Conference Education for Well-being, show that the mental health of teachers is moderate.  It has also been found that 35% of teachers in Romania feel alone and over 80% of those surveyed report that their work has no positive effect on their mental health or well-being. The results will be disseminated during conferences, workshops and events in the educational field.

December is about the joy of giving

There is little time left until Santa Claus arrives. The little ones are the first to make their wish list, but you guys? What would you like to receive or give this year?

The collection of products inspired by the book The Theacher Within are intended both to practice mindfulness techniques and to be integrated into the daily lives of those who want to live in harmony and balance with themselves, with their thoughts and emotions. The sets are made up of small tools, as we like to call them, to help you on your journey to well-bwing. We invite you to discover them and, perhaps, even give them away!

Thank you for a wonderful year and we wish you the magic of Christmas to enter your homes and souls, find you healthy and bring you peace and harmony!

Happy holidays and a New Year with inspiration and joy!


If you have any suggestions, questions or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address.



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