Newsletter, August 2022

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Dear friends,

The new school year is fast approaching, and we want to have everything ready in time! This summer we dedicated ourselves to creating educational products for teachers and students, as well as updating the information in our courses and training. Although we love summer, autumn gives us hope and optimism because of the beginnings we share together. And since this endeavor is so important to us, we want each detail to be perfected so that every student and every teacher can share the same joy as us in the classroom.

2022/2023 Calendar of our class

Each school year brings new opportunities and special days, which we must enjoy together with our students. Made in the form of a planner, it can be put on the wall, it has spaces to fill holidays, celebrations, trips, tests, theses or any other event that you want to mark together with the students. The calendar also provides for the writing of the classroom rules and values, elements that help support a sense of community that you create together in the classroom.

Within its second edition, the Class Calendar brings new elements, thanks to a much greater degree of customization. Thus, each calendar will have a number of stickers, which teachers and students can stick on the calendar, depending on the type of event they want to mark. The calendar is also provided with a legend, where each symbol and sticker is explained.

· provides transparency;
· provides an overview of the school year;
· develops students’ autonomy and decision-making;
· helps plan long-term events;
· encourages student accountability;
· facilitates the establishment of deadlines that can be easily followed;
· It has a high degree of customization and a pleasant design that easily integrates into any classroom.

The Class Calendar is a product of the brand Happy Teachers for Romania, the only training program that offers teachers the opportunity to learn the latest techniques by which they can teach with empathy and enthusiasm.

The product can be purchased by following the link here.


The launch of the book

The Teacher Within Guide
100 Exercises for Well-Being

As I mentioned earlier, this summer we have been preparing intensively for the new school year that will start in less than a month. The Teacher Within Guide – 100 Exercises for Well-Being, written by Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, is a practical guide containing 100 breathing, meditation, concentration and reflection exercises designed to support well-being in the classroom. Even though the first edition appears in Romanian, soon enough, the English version will be out too!

The exercises are meant to help teachers who want to make significant improvements in the classroom. In other words, through them, the teachers will become aware of themselves, their values ​​and qualities. At the same time, the teachers will learn techniques for living in the present moment, which will help them regain their energy during the difficult moments of the day. They will discover how to listen to their thoughts, understand their emotions and make conscious choices for the well-being of the students.

Simona Baciu, one of the authors of the book, motivates the necessity of the book as follows: “The past is a construction of memory, and the future is a construction of imagination. And we choose daily to live in one of the two temporal dimensions, running away from the present or simply ignoring it. Sometimes living in the present is challenging and reality can be different from what we really want. Living in acceptance means that what I have now is what I need, what I can control, and also what can bring me peace, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, motivation.”

The book can be purchased by following the link here.


New trainings at work

The temperatures have been very high for the past few days, and we thought it was a good opportunity to spend some time in nature. We looked for inspiration, not only in the latest published studies, but also in the silence and coolness of the forest.

Everyone of us found their inspiration, in different forms. For example, Sabina Pop, one of our trainers, made a new friend who watched over her carefully and throughout her work. Not all of us were as lucky, but we are glad for their new friendship and the ingenious ideas that followed.

We wish you an amazing holiday ahead and we look forward to meeting again in September with new projects and new surprises.


Elena-Ioana Crăciun, content writer

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