Newsletter, July 2022

by ttworg

Dear friends,

Even though the summer holiday has already started, we continue the educational activities and projects. For us, education is a continuous process, which we develop every month, every week, every day by turning every need into a solution.


Happy Teachers for Romania was organized at Cluj

On July 8, I had the pleasure of organizing a new training, at Cluj-Napoca, for teachers who are going to digitize their classrooms and educational planning. The initiative was organized in partnership with Samsung.

The teacher’s well-being course was conducted in a 7-hour session, during which, in addition to teaching, there were numerous knowledge-fixing activities, organized in the form of collective and individual games.

The interaction on a group level filled our souls with joy. Curious participants constantly asked questions and created hypothetical scenarios to analyze different possible contexts. During all this time, we learned, laughed and created unforgettable experiences together.

We are One Camp

As we announced in the previous newsletter, at the end of June we organized, between June 20-24, the camp We are One, intended exclusively for Ukrainian students, aged between 6 and 8 years. Games and songs were not lacking in our camp, and the infectious happiness of the children made us go back in time for a few moments. During the days spent with Ukrainian students, I learned a precious lesson: even if times have changed, joy can be discovered in the simplest, smallest things.

For all participants we prepared fun activities, from games to hiking and campfires, to remind us of the importance of socializing, solidarity and empathy. All this was done under the guidance of dedicated teachers, who came from different parts of the country, to ensure that students have unique experiences with their friends.

We Are One camp reminded us of the joy and innocence of childhood, of the smiles that inevitably appeared at every game we had with friends, and of the songs we hummed incessantly as a symbol of our daily reunion.

A reflection for teachers: two years of facilitating a flexible class

After a school year in which we had academic results with our students, we are starting the summer vacation. It is a good time to recharge our batteries and look towards the future. We invite you to reflect on a beneficial topic for reducing stress in the classroom in the next school year: creating a flexible classroom.

The article we invite you to read is entitled “A reflection for teachers: two years of facilitation” and presents practical examples of Mrs. Elizabeth Church, who shared her experience of the 2019 Stress-Free Education Conference, as well as how to put into practice all the knowledge gained during the event.

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