Newsletter, June 2022

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Dear Friends

We started the month of June with great joy, thanks to you, who constantly support us in the activities we carry out. We ended May with the Emotional Health Week event, to which, this year, we added two extra days, full of surprises: a webinar on the importance of emotional health and a virtual exchange of experiences between the teachers who participated in our event.

We have prepared a big surprise for this summer: We are One! Our camps are organized in 3 series with Ukrainian and Romanian students and for which we are looking for 3 teachers eager to accompany our students.

We are One Summer Camps

Because we are constantly concerned for the well-being of those around us, once with the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine, we have turned our attention, empathy, and resources to support refugees. In addition to the project “Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine”, we have been involved in organizing various activities for refugees, and at the moment, we intend to organize a series of 3 summer camps for our students, under the name We are One!

The first camp will be dedicated exclusively to Ukrainian students, aged between 6 and 8, and will take place on June 20-24th. The location where the camp will take place is Muntele Băișorii, a real dreamland, due to its landscapes and the tranquility, which allow all participants to forget about everyday problems. There, a compound of 4 cottages is looking forward to hosting the students. To date, the total number of people wishing to participate is 42.

More photos can be viewed on the Simplicity Retreat Facebook Page

In addition to this first camp, we plan to organize two more, with the participation of mixed groups of children, Romanians and Ukrainians, during July and August. 

The dates on which the camps will be organized are:

  • July 25 – July 30
  • August 8 – August 13

We are currently looking for three English speaking teachers to supervise in the last two series we are organizing. 

If you may be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address


Happy Teachers for Romania

At the beginning of May, we started new conscious journeys with the teachers from Argeș, Prahova, and Covasna counties. Now, after 5 weeks, we are very pleased to announce that it has been a great success. We had with us educators and teachers who wanted to make a change in the classroom and who understood how important their well-being is.

We had over 300 participants with us, and all together we managed to make a beneficial change in education. Our journey continues and we want our entire community to reach every county in Romania!


Emotional Health Week Summary

As I told you earlier, Emotional Health Week is one of the events we look forward to because of you. This year we were in the second edition, the debut being in 2021. It was one of the moments when we remembered what the community really means, the united team and eager to undertake as many different activities as possible. of those we know, but who also support education.

The entire activity took place on our Emotional Health Week Facebook group (Săptămâna Sănătății Emoționale), where teachers posted photos or videos of students enthusiastically fulfilling the challenges we launched. From one day to the next, we saw the number of members in our group increase. About 100 new entrants daily made us count a total of 4,500 participants this year.

This year we wanted to bring an element of novelty compared to the previous edition, for which we added two extra days: May 30th and May 31st. On the first day, May 30th, respectively, teachers were able to find “friendly schools” in order to create a healthy and long-lasting friendship that would benefit their future projects, organized together.

On the second extra day, May 31st, respectively, the Webinar dedicated to the importance of emotional health took place. The webinar garnered 6,700 views, 240 comments and 22 shares. It can be viewed by accessing our Facebook page, Happy Teachers for Romania or through the link available here.

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