Newsletter, April 2022

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Dear friends,

April is here! “April” means “to open” and it comes from the association with nature that brings us to life. It is the month when flowers and leaves open, but for us, April means more than that: new opportunities and new doors open for a bright future.


The Teacher Within in Covasna, Argeș and Prahova counties

This month we start the registrations for the national training program, “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”, from the counties of Covasna, Argeș and Prahova! As you already know, the training lasts five weeks in which we will begin our conscious journey together as teachers. Our first session will take place on the 10th of May. 

Through this program, we aim to offer teachers new, practical suggestions for emotional and physical health which contribute to our well-being. The advice may be used in classrooms, but also in our daily life. 

The structure of the program includes a theoretical and a practical part. This program will include theoretical support, but also techniques and exercises that can be implemented. The program consists of five live sessions, individual guided study on a digital platform and meetings with reflection groups. To sum up, the program totals twenty-five hours.

Registrations can be made until April 30 by filling out the form at the following link: 


SuperTeach Conference in March 2022, Luduș

The “Happy Teachers for Romania” team was present at the SuperTeach Conference, organized on March 19, in Luduș. Simona Baciu, founder of the “Happy Teachers for Romania” program, together with Sonia Tekereș, trainer of the program, brought to the public two very current topics: stress due to trauma in difficult times and positive behavioral strategies in the classroom.

The presentation given by Simona Baciu, as well as the workshop presented by Sonia Tekeș aroused a wave of positive reactions and appreciations. We were very pleased to see that the participants listened to us with great interest and attention and that they asked questions and wanted further explanations. The feedback, received at the end, filled our souls with gratitude. We are glad that we were able to share some of our knowledge.

On this occasion, we also thank our friends from SuperTeach and look forward to seeing you again at another conference, where we hope to be in as many numbers as possible!


Programs dedicated to refugees in Cluj County

We are here for Ukraine! We are aware of the difficult situations that Ukrainians are going through, which is why we want to give them all the support they need to get through this period as easily as possible.

For people eager to learn Romanian at a basic level, the County Library “Octavian Goga” in Cluj organizes courses for people in Ukraine, beginning in April. Registration is done through an online form. Places are limited and their occupancy is in the order of registration.

More details about the course here: 

Registration link: 

Also, Hotel & Vila Granata – Football Cluj CFR 1907 Cluj will create a support center for refugees, where they will offer trainers, counseling, information, legal advice, medical assistance, registration for employment in the county, but also accommodation for at least eighty people. The children and young people enrolled can benefit from programs that allow them to continue their studies. This center also offers telephone support (0364406518) or online (

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