Newsletter, February 2022

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Dear Friends, 

February, the month of well-being, brings us many reasons to smile. The first being, what has happened in the last month, and this is especially due to the fact that, without you, we would not have been able to reach this stage. We believe that the emotional and social health of teachers must be protected, so we direct our actions towards creating the activities necessary to support the benefits of well-being. This, in turn, will also favor the development of school behavior and success, including with the students.

We created this concept, the Teacher’s Wellbeing Month, with the desire to promote the benefits for teachers’ well-being, in the classroom and beyond, because the emotional and social health of teachers has a positive impact on the students’ school behavior and success.


Happy Teachers for Romania in Sălaj and Ilfov 

We would like to let you know that two new groups, from Sălaj and Ilfov, have joined our training program last month, which is known as “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”.

Our partners, PRO Connect and Azomures, permanently support us in the programs carried out, due to the contributions made, both in the training and in other initiatives, and are indispensable to the growth of our community.

The two groups from Sălaj and Ilfov will complete within the month the national training, “The well-being of the teacher – a conscious journey”, as follows: the group from Sălaj on February 23rd and, respectively, the group from Ilfov on February 28th.

The Teacher Within International

In addition to this national news, we are also bringing international news, specifically from the United States of America, where we launched The Teacher Within International program. The beginning of the program consists of training which is approximately 8 hours, where new members have joined our community and will be introduced to the conscious journey of well-being. 

Next, we want to expand this program in as many schools as possible in the United States of America, so that we can share with teachers what this journey entails.




Podcast “Room for Dialogue” 

As we have also mentioned before, February is the “Month of teacher well-being”. We would like to pass this on to everyone who wishes to acquire it. Thus, we are going to launch a new Monthly Podcast, under the name “Room for Dialogue”. The first recording will take place between February 21-27, and during the dialogue, which will be moderated by Oana Buzatu, each guest of the C-EDU Education Cluster will be able to present their perspective and expertise on various educational topics of the XXI century. The topic of these discussions will be determined in advance, and the first episode of this Podcast’s theme will be “The well-being of the teacher”. 

The C-EDU cluster is an association founded in Cluj-Napoca, in 2020, which supports the professional training of pupils and students. Since the members of the C-EDU Cluster are people who are distinguished by their merits of education at the national and international level, we believe that such voices can share with us valuable opinions that support the evolution of the educational system. 

The broadcast of the podcast “Room for dialogue” will be online, facilitating the access of all people who have tangencies with the educational system and are eager to find out the opinions and expertise of the members of the C-EDU Cluster. With a duration of roughly one hour, the first episode will be broadcast on February 28 and can be watched on the official website of the C-EDU Cluster, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Anchor pages.




Official Site Cluster C-EDU:

For any details or suggestions, please contact us at the email address: profesorifericiț

Thank you!

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