Newsletter, November 2021

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The well-being of teachers in Romania – from survival to prosperity

Dear friends,

We are extremely grateful that, on November 6th, over 3000 teachers joined our initiative to make known the importance of well-being and the role it plays in the classroom!

Our team has been dreaming of this event for a long time and we are glad that, finally, the dream has come true, turning into the Education for Well-being Conference.

Now, more than ever, well-being is becoming a priority for many of us. The need to have a secure, gentle, warm environment in which to work intensely and meaningfully with our students, feels increasingly powerful.

 What can we do? What’s up to us? Where to start?

These are the questions to which we wanted to offer you practical answers, easy to transfer in the didactic activity. We have invited people who want to be authentic support for teachers and students and who have been eager to share with you their experience and advice and, in turn, to listen to your experiences and advice.

Learning from each other we grow harmoniously together.

  Watch the Education for Wellbeing Conference

This event was realized with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council and in partnership with the Cluj County School Inspectorate, the Cluj County Center for Resources and Educational Assistance, the C-EDU Education Cluster, and the Botnar Foundation.

Sponsors: Herlitz Romania, Pelikan Romania, Azomures, Impress Cluj, Tipex Cluj, Campeador Inn, De’Longhi, Rottaprint, Scala Skyline, Morphoza, AROBS, and Wello.


 Results of the study on the Well-being of teachers in Romania

 The study was carried out, between March and May 2021, at the initiative of the Happy Teachers for Romania program – an initiative supported by the Transylvania College Foundation in Cluj-Napoca, together with Dr. Gilda Scarfe, psychologist, founder of Positive Ed, in partnership with Merito, SuperTeach, Romanian Business Leaders and the C-EDU Education Cluster.

The results were presented on November 6, in Cluj-Napoca, at the Conference Education for Well-being. They show that the mental health of teachers is moderate. It has also been found that 35% of teachers in Romania feel alone and over 80% of those surveyed report that their work has no positive effect on their mental health or well-being.

 What do we do next? The first step would be to implement programs that promote the understanding of emotions, their management, and the science of well-being. Most of those who participated in the study said they would enjoy having more support in learning skills to manage emotions and reactions.

View the full study report here


The national training “Teacher’s well-being” continues!

The national training program “Teacher’s well-being – a conscious journey”, is one of the projects that bring us the most satisfaction, because we have the opportunity to interact with wonderful teachers from all over the country.

With the support of our partners, Herlitz Romania, Pelikan, and Azomures, we share with teachers strategies and methods to improve their well-being both in class and outside it. The course focuses on the importance of teacher well-being, emotional and physical health, comprising 5 live sessions, guided self-study on a digital platform, and meetings with think tanks.

 In November, four groups of teachers from Vrancea and Caras-Severin counties started our training.


Conference “The man behind a teacher”

With great enthusiasm, we joined, as partners, a project dear to us, the Conference “The man behind a teacher”, which reached its XII edition. On December 4, online, for 3 hours, teachers from all over the country will take part in the event, where four speakers will address the topic of Classroom Stress Management.

You will find more details on the event page.

We invite you to follow the Happy Teachers for Romania page to keep up to date with all our activities.


If you have any suggestions, questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address.


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