Newsletter, October 2021

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Well-being in schools begins in Cluj!

According to the latest international studies, teachers, along with doctors and nurses, belong to the category with the highest level of stress relative to the workplace, and the pandemic has added significant pressure on an already hard-pressed system. We consider this aspect of emotional and behavioral health to be an urgent and extremely important one for education in Romania.

The first step in this regard will be made at the Education for Well-being Conference, where we gladly invite you to participate in, on November 6th.

The conference, organized by the Transylvania College Foundation, will bring together experts in education, teachers, school counselors, school leaders for an exchange of experience and the creation of concrete solutions.

The event will take place in a hybrid format and it’s addressed to teachers and administrative staff in pre-university education. The indirect beneficiaries of this initiative will be the students around, whom we want to achieve a healthy and safe environment of academic and personal development.

In the first part of the conference, there will be a panel of debates with the topic: “How can we support the well-being of teachers”, followed by presentations of the four stages within the concept of A.R.A.T., Attention to You, Recognition of thoughts, and emotions, Conscious Actions, and Transformation, supported by the invited speakers:
Simona Baciu | Hedi Hoka | Paul Olteanu | Lilia Dicu | Oana Moşoiu

In the second part of the conference, participants will be invited to take part in an informal group reflection and will receive a model of an individual plan for a strategy for implementing well-being in their professional activity.
They will also be able to participate in a thematic workshop, out of the four that will take place simultaneously.

Participation is free of charge, subject to availability:

Places with physical participation: 100
Registration form (physical, in the hall):

Places with online participation: unlimited
Registration form (online):

The event will take place with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall, in partnership with the Cluj County School Inspectorate, the Cluj County Center for Resources and Educational Assistance, and the C-EDU Education Cluster.

Sponsors: Herlitz Romania, Pelikan Romania, Impress, Tipex, Campeador Inn, De’Longhi.

We invite you to follow the Happy Teachers for Romania page to keep up to date with all our activities and to give Going or Interested to the event specially created here.
If you have any suggestions, questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address.

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