Newsletter, September 2021

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Thoughts and feelings at the beginning of the school year

A new school year is about to begin, and our thoughts go out to you, the teachers who will be with our children, each day, from now on. Probably, the first day of school will be about the smiles of excited teachers and children, hidden behind masks. Probably, this year, we will again be concerned about the health and safety of all of us. But beyond all the challenges that are in front of us, we are certain that you are ready to start a new successful school year, in which you will offer your students stability, empathy, normality, love.

Because we love to stay connected and share our plans with you, we present you the latest news:


Happy Teachers’ Calendar

The school year comes with a lot of plans and opportunities to accomplish great things together with our students. Thus, we came up with the idea of a school calendar, created especially for your classroom!
Designed as a planner, it can be placed on the wall, it has spaces that can be filled in with holidays, celebrations, trips, tests, or any other event that you want to mark.

What are the advantages?

  • provides transparency
  • students have an overview of the school year
  • encourages the autonomy of students
  • you can plan events with your students
  • encourages student empowerment
  • you can create deadlines that can be easily tracked
  • It is interactive and has a soft design that easily integrates into any classroom.

We are certain that your imagination will discover new and new ways of using it.

The Happy Teacher Calendar can be purchased here:


The “Happy Teachers for Romania” podcast with Simona Baciu

In the fifth episode of the Conversations with Charm series, within the “Happy Teachers for Romania” Podcast, Simona Baciu invited Amalia Sterescu, Edupreneur & Leadership Facilitator. In the “Listen to the voice of your soul!” episode, there was talk about the career, about the frustrations and satisfaction it brings to our lives, about reinventing our career, as well as how we can achieve work-life balance.
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The national training program “Teachers’ well-being” continues!

With the support of Herlitz Romania, Pelikan, and Azomures, we continue the national training program “Teacher Well-being – a conscious journey” and we hope to meet teachers from as many counties in the country as possible. The course focuses on the importance of teacher well-being, emotional and physical health, comprising 5 live sessions, guided self-study on a digital platform, and meetings with reflection groups.

In September, 38 school counselors from Alba County, who enrolled through CJRAE Alba, started our training.
The journey to Wellness will continue in Buzau and Hunedoara counties.


A Conscious Journey towards Well-being

The online training “A Conscious Journey towards Well-being” is now available to all those who want to develop their skills to reduce stress, manage their emotions, and build emotional resilience.

What can we do to overcome stress, anxiety, and restlessness, accept and value ourselves more? How can we create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom by conveying positive thoughts to our students that will make them participate in our classes with joy? Find out the answers in our training.
For personalized and group offers, please write to us at


We invite you to follow the Happy Teachers for Romania page to keep up to date with all our activities.
If you have any suggestions, questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address


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