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Summer holidays taste like well-being!

This month, we focus on the emotions we experience: joy that we have learned more and achieved some new things, gratitude that we have time for ourselves and our loved ones, and hope that, in the end, everything will be fine and, in the autumn, we will be ready to face all the challenges that lie ahead. 

In order to stay connected and share our plans with you, we present the latest news:


Podcast “Happy Teachers for Romania” with Simona Baciu

In the fourth episode of the Conversations with Farmec series, from the Podcast “Happy Teachers for Romania”, Simona Baciu invited  Lilia Dicu -Master Certified Coach. In the episode entitled “You deserve it, because you exist!”, our guest revealed to us what skills a teacher needs to develop to become better, both personally and professionally, and has dismantled a number of myths about coaching. Also, listening to the discussion she had with Simona, you’ll find out some “tips and tricks” from coaching that a teacher can apply to his students in the classroom.

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The national training “The well-being of teachers” has reached to Sibiu county in Romania

With the support of Herlitz Romania, Pelikan and Azomures, we continue the national training program “The well-being of teachers – a conscious journey” and we hope to meet with teachers from as many counties in the country as possible. 

In July, three groups of teachers from Sibiu County were trained..

Starting September, the journey to the state of  well-being will continue in Buzau, Ilfov, Alba and Dolj counties.

If you haven’t participated in our training yet and want to find out what you can learn from it, here’s a testimonial from a student:

A good thought and thanks!

“Happy Teachers for Romania – The well-being of the teacher, a conscious journey” is a course about you, first as A HUMAN  and then as a teacher. I learned in this course that 

if you’re well, it’s good for those around you, family, students, colleagues, friends.

From my point of view, this was “another type” of a course, pleasant, relaxing and yet rigorous, in which I did my homework on time, seriously, although they were not mandatory. The homeworks were  useful; I can’t say they were easy. 

The moments of meditation were the most relaxing, with the videos in which Simona told us in her calm voice about what we would find out that day. 

The hardest, for me, were the moments of reflection. Then I had to look at myself and see myself as I am, with goods and bads…

An hour a week, for five weeks, we saw each other online. Not too much, not too little, so that we will not be disturbed too much and  may have more time for ourselves!

It has been a great pleasure and honor for me to meet you, Gabriela and Simona, as well as the other colleagues with whom I have taken this course. We have gone through the four ARAT stages together, and each one of us has to continue their journey to their own transformation. 

I will certainly do this because I want to be one of the happy teachers who, I hope, will also make students happy.

Thank you very much for the good you have given to me!

With consideration,

Prof. Mioara Petronela Prepeliță

A Conscious Journey to the State of Well-being

The online training “A Conscious Journey to the State of Well-Being” is now available to all those who want to develop their stress reduction skills, emotional management and build emotional resilience.

What can we do to overcome stress, anxiety and anxiety, accepting  and valuing ourselves more? How can we create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom by sending to our students positive thoughts that will make them enjoy our classes? Find out the answers in our training.

For personalized and group offers, please write to us at 

We are working hard to launch new products to meet the needs of teachers.  We invite you to follow the Happy Teachers for Romania page to stay up to date with all our activities.

COMING SOON! The first annual calendar for teachers!


If you have any suggestions, questions or simply want to get in touch with us, you can contact us at profesorifericiț email address.

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