Newsletter, June 2021

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Dear friends,

We are getting close to the end of a school year that proved to be as challenging and intense as the last one; a year in which we have again exceeded our limits, reinvented ourselves, and created new ways of connecting with our students. It was not easy at all. We have all experienced difficult times, but managed once again to find the inner  resources to move forward on our path. 

We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts for every accomplishment, be it big or small, for every child who has remained connected to school, for every solution you have found and for every challenge that you have faced with great courage!

Thank you for joining our community of happy teachers and because, together, we have managed to implement so many beautiful projects, as you will see next.

The Emotional Health Week

The last week of May was dedicated to emotional health in the classroom and it generated a real Well-Being movement among teachers from all over the country. Over 30.000 teachers and kids enjoyed creative activities, discussions, and games together.

This ”different week” can be adapted based on the wishes and the necessities of each class and put into practice at any time, therefore bringing more joy, enthusiasm, and connection between children and their teachers. Each day of The Emotional Health Week has a specific theme and a challenge that kids and teachers have to fulfill. Through this, the students and the preschoolers will have the opportunity to recognize, control, and value their emotions in a constructive and beneficial manner for their emotional development.

But the story doesn’t end here! Inspired by Emotional Health Week, the teachers from our community have created a new concept, in a similar format, dedicated to reading, the D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) initiative, but we will tell you more about this in our next newsletter.

The “Happy Teachers for Romania” podcast with Simona Baciu

In the framework of the “Happy Teachers for Romania” podcast, we have launched a new series of Conversations with Farmec, the biggest cosmetics manufacturer in Romania, that will support us in cultivating the mental, emotional, and physical Well-Being of our community members. In the second episode, entitled “Live with Joy!”, our guest was chef Adrian Hădean and the feedback from our listeners is motivating us to invite inspiring people, from which we can learn. There will be other pleasant surprises. 😊

If you liked this episode, subscribe to our channel to stay connected with our newest releases.

Conversations for the Well-Being with Gabriela Secoșan

If it is Thursday, it is about the State of Well-Being! Our Facebook live sessions  now have a new format, in which Gabriela Secoșan, training program director of the “Happy Teachers for Romania” program talks with her guests about how we can reach the State of Well-Being and what is the importance of it from different perspectives. Follow us on Facebook and join our community, Thursday, at 5 pm. If you want to (re)watch previous events, you can click here.


The national training “Teacher Well-Being” continues!

With the support from Herlitz România, Pelikan and Azomureș, we continue the national training program “Teacher Well-Being – A Conscious Journey” and we hope to meet with teachers from as many counties in the country as possible. In May, our training reached  teachers from Sibiu County, as well as those from Constanța County, where Chimpex and Aquatica Experience joined us as partners. 

The journey to The Well-Being continues with new friends!

The De La Ferma cu Omenie wanted to support the schools from the city where they operate with a training for the well-being of teachers. Therefore, for 5 weeks, “Teacher Well-Being” will take place in Ocna Mureș, Alba County and our mission to see more and more happy teachers is starting to have an increasing impact!


If you have suggestions, questions or you just want to contact us, you can reach us at profesorifericiț

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