Newsletter, May 2021

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Dear Friends,

After a long spring break, here we are again at school, overwhelmed by the joy of reuniting with our students and colleagues, but also by the challenges, worries, and thoughts that returning to class brings. If you feel that you need a little help to cope with the last weeks of this school year, we invite you to access a series of three materials, in which Simona and Gabriela will present techniques and practical exercises to reduce daily stress and manage emotions.

The Podcast „Happy Teachers for Romania” with Simona Baciu

Within the Podcast “Happy Teachers for Romania”, we launched a new series of conversations with the contribution of the company Farmec, the largest manufacturer of cosmetics in Romania, which will support us in cultivating the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of members of our community. Within the first episode, entitled “Do good, feel good”, Simona Baciu, founder of “Happy Teachers for Romania”, talked to dr. Gilda Scarfe, psychologist and founder of Positive Ed, about which you can learn more, here.

Discussions about Well-Being with Gabriela Secoșan

Encouraged by the return to school and the cheerful and flourishing atmosphere of May, our live meetings on Facebook now have a new format!  Gabriela Secoșan, director of the training program “Happy Teachers for Romania”, will discuss with her invited guests the state of Well-being, how to reach this and why it is important from various perspectives. Each month is dedicated to a certain theme. The theme for May is “Involving students in their own education”, and the first event took place on Thursday, May 13.

The National Training „Teachers’ Well-Being” Continues!

With the generous support of the companies Herlitz Romania and Azomureș, we continue the national training program “Teachers’ well-being – a conscious journey” and we hope to reach as many counties in the country as possible. In April, we interacted with three groups of teachers from Bucharest. In May, two other groups will learn how to reduce stress and how to build emotional resilience, so they can enjoy the state of inner harmony.

Study about the Well-Being of Teachers in Romania

Only until the end of May you can participate in the first study in Romania on the well-being of teachers! The study is addressed to teachers within the undergraduate education across the country and will help us understand the status quo while finding solutions together to support the well-being of teachers in Romania. We kindly invite you to participate in the study by filling in the following questionnaire: 

If you have suggestions, questions, or just simply wish to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email us at

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