Newsletter, March 2021

by ttworg

Redirect 3,5% of your income tax to Happy Teachers for Romania!

Dear Friends,,

We invite you to get involved in supporting the programs of  Happy Teachers for Romania. Until the 25th May 2021, you can redirect 3,5% of your income tax withheld by the State for the year 2020, toward the well-being of teachers and students in Romania.  

We launched the program Happy Teachers for Romania a year ago, with the purpose of developing teachers’ emotional resilience, thus supporting the Well-being in each classroom. We set out to focus on those who are meant to train and educate our children. Therefore, we organize training sessions and workshops dedicated to all teachers who wish to teach with kindness and enthusiasm and communicate with students with empathy and compassion.

The purpose of the program Happy Teachers for Romania is to offer teachers innovative courses based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience on the subjects of mindfulness practices, resilience, and well-being. These practices correlate kindness and self-care with emotional and physical health, all these to be reflected in students’ behavior and academic results.

Your support is important to succeed in continuing this mission. We have succeeded and we will succeed, with your help!

Fill in and file the FORM 230, if in 2020 you earned your income from salaries or pensions.

 Download the FORM 230

Fill in the SINGLE STATEMENT – DECLARAȚIA UNICĂ if in 2020 you earned your income from independent activities, sports activity contracts, intellectual property rights, association with a legal person, transfer of use of goods, investments or agricultural activities, forestry and fish farming, etc.

Download the STATEMENT Declaratie Unica

Completing the 230 Form or the SINGLE STATEMENT takes a few minutes and will bring a change in the lives of thousands of teachers and students. Moreover, you can opt for tax redirection for a period of 2 years (2020-2021), which will save you from this bureaucratic approach at the beginning of 2022.

Fill in the form and we will send it to ANAF for you! Send us the completed and signed form, a scan or a photo of it, to the mailing address: 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The team of Happy Teachers for Romania and of Transylvania College Foundation


About Transylvania College Foundation

The Transylvania College Foundation was established with the aim of supporting excellence in formal and non-formal education by organizing courses, seminars, and professional development programs. In its 26 years of activity, Transylvania College Foundation has been involved in the community through the multitude of projects it carries out, organizing national and international conferences on educational topics, courses, and seminars for teachers, non-formal education programs, after school and summer camps.

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