Newsletter, February 2021

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February – Teacher’s Well-Being Month in the Romanian Education

This month, we are organizing the second edition of Teacher Wellness Month, a program that promotes the benefits of teachers’ well-being, both inside and outside of the classroom. This initiative derives from the recognition that teachers’ emotional and social health has a strong positive impact on students’ behavior and academic success.

Our initiative was joined by the Finnish Teacher Training Center Sibiu and 10 private schools in the country, which will help us organize a series of online activities dedicated to teachers. The activities are designed to provide the necessary framework for teachers to feel supported in their role of creators of education, so they can pass on the joy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude to their students.


Event Calendar:

A series of webinars for Teachers’ Well-Being 

On the 8 and 22 of February, starting 5PM (10AM EST), there will be two webinars dedicated to teachers, alongside founders and directors of private schools from Romania, on the Facebook page: Profesori Fericiți pentru România. Within the webinars the speakers will share methods, experiences, and good practices for Teachers’ Well-Being. 

If it’s Thursday, it’s about Well-Being!

On the 4, 18, and 25 February, a series of live discussions will be organised on the Facebook Page  Profesori Fericiți pentru România, entitled Conversations for Well-Being, about the challenges that teachers face during this period and how they can manage them to maintain their state of well-being. The events will be attended by Gabriela Secoșan – Director of the training program Happy Teachers for Romania, Simona Baciu – Founder of Happy Teachers for Romania, author of the book “The Teacher Within”, as well as their invited guests – specialists in education and opinion leaders in the field.  

Webinar Neuroscience and Teachers’ Well-Being 

The webinar Neuroscience and Teachers’ Well-Being, held on the 15th February, starting 3PM (8 AM EST) will address the subject of how well-being influences the physiological abilities of the brain, from the point of view of chemistry and biology. Elena Lotrean – founder of the Finnish Teacher Training Center – invited Laura Popa, as guest speaker, who will share her experiences as teacher, mentor, director and trainer with the participants. This webinar will be distributed live on the Facebook Page Finnish Teacher Training Centre, signing up can be made on the site (in the calendar section).

We are the Community!

Teachers are invited to share, in the Happy Teachers for Romania community, examples of methods they use to bring and maintain well-being in their classroom. During February, on the Facebook page Happy Teachers for Romania, we will distribute a series of inspirational messages, shared by teachers for teachers.

The Happy Teachers for Romania Podcast 

Together with all these events we launched the podcast Profesori Fericiți pentru România, dedicated to conversations about well-being, where we have talked about the challenges of being a teacher in the current times. The podcast was created from the desire to support teachers and all those who want to practice their profession with kindness and enthusiasm.


We look forward to seeing you at all the events that make up the Teachers’ Well-Being Month!  

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