Newsletter, December 2020

by ttworg

Dear Friends

Every end of the year becomes a good opportunity for reflection and introspection, in which we draw the line, examine our soul, and think about what has happened to us over the past 12 months. It is the moment when we allow ourselves to celebrate, to boast, and to acknowledge our hard work and the successes of the past year. We are launching a challenge, urging you to think about all the moments that brought a smile on your face, all the moments when you felt joy, happiness, relaxation, or comfort. Many times, we tend not to look over the small joys and remember only the greater ones. This time, feel free to acknowledge your merits for everything you’ve done to make your life more beautiful. Write them on a piece of paper and read them several times. If you feel the need, share with us the emotions you feel when you read them, so that we can share some happy moments together!

Regarding our activity, in which you were also participants, we wish to present to you briefly some landmarks that brought us joy in the past month.

Our December Harvest Basket

We continued the discussions with numerous opinion leaders in education and not only, about the importance of the well-being of teachers, within the Fall Conversation Series

Within the last edition that took place on December 3, we had a very special guest, Mrs. Monica Anisie, Minister of Education and Research. It was a meeting of the soul, a great honor, but also a great pleasure to discuss with the Minister both on topics of public interest related to education, and from the perspective of a mother and teacher. If you haven’t seen the live show, we invite you to discover it here.

The first edition of the program „Teachers’ Well-Being”, supported by the companies Herlitz Romania and Azomureș, has concluded for the two groups of 30 teachers each from Cluj and Mures counties. Through the practices of mindfulness and resilience acquired in the course, teachers will be able to create a context that prevents them from the risk of physical and emotional exhaustion, having at hand the tools necessary for communication based on empathy, compassion, and respect. The program continues! At the beginning of next year, we will announce the date of the following training session.

The mindfulness campaign „A Journey of 100 Days Toward Your Well-Being” with Radio Itsy Bitsy, inspired by the book “The Teacher Within”, continues to inspire! We’ve already traveled more than half way through. 😊

If you wish to value your moments of rest in a productive way, this show can be accessed any time both on Youtube, and on Facebook.

What’s Hidden in Our News Satchel?

There are only a few more days left until Santa arrives! Children are the first ones to write up their wish lists, but how about you all? What would you like to receive or to give to others this year? 

As promised in the previous newsletter, we created a collection of products inspired by the book The Theacher Within/Profesorul din Tine. They are intended both for practicing mindfulness techniques and to be integrated into the daily lives of those who wish to live in harmony and balance with themselves, their thoughts, and emotions. The sets consist of small tools, as we like to call them, to help you on your journey towards Well-Being. We invite you to discover them and maybe even offer them as gifts to the ones you care about!

We hope the magic of Christmas fills your souls and homes and that the holiday season brings you health, peace, and harmony!

Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with lots of inspiration and joy!


If you have suggestions, questions or just simply wish to reach out to us, please contact us at the email address: profesorifericiț

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