Newsletter, October 2020

by ttworg

Dear Friends,

We hope you kicked the new school year off with positve thoughts and lots of success!

Beginnings are always crucial, however it’s important to maintain our well-being throughout the academic year. Therefore, we invite you to join us each Thursday, at 10 AM, EDT, at our weekly “Fall Conversations”, on Facebook Profesori fericiți pentru România, where we will learn together how to protect our emotional balance in this chaotic, unpredictable period.

But good news never comes alone : on October 5, on Education Day precisely, Radio Itsy Bitsy launched a new TV show on mindfulness, entitled ‘100 Days Journey Towards Well-Being’, a journey of self-discovery that helps us find our balance and harmony in life.

And because the success of others is a source of joy and inspiration, we are pleased to announce that the second generation of courageous teachers have just completed the training ‘Teachers’ Well-Being. A Conscious Journey’.

What have we prepared for you in the near future?

We are aware of the fact that the unique situation we are facing is upsetting and difficult to handle emotionally, therefore we created for you, with the support of Herliz Romania, a new national program designated to enhance your inner harmony.

But, we will not disclose more about this surprise just yet; we will return with details at the end of this month.

Nevertheless, we can tell you more about another project we are preparing for you – an international Masterclass held in partnership with Positive Education, designed to build your emotional immunity by strenghtening mental resilience, avoiding the traps of negative thinking and anchoring to the present moment. If you are interested in improving your resilience on a personal or professional level, you can find us only one click away.

The following session of our online training

Teachers’ Well-Being: A Conscious Journey

starts in the second half of October and we still have a few available places for those who are eager to learn about the practices that corelate kindness and self-care with emotional and physical health. 

If you have suggestions, questions or just simply wish to contact us for any other reason, please email us at :

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