Newsletter, August 2020

by ttworg

Summer is full of emotions; joy of having learned and achieved new things, fear or worries related to the beginning of the new school year, hope that no matter what comes next, with a touch of courage we will be able to get over it, gratitude because we still have time to adjust to whatever may await us in fall and last but not least, love and caring for our children.

Insecurity can block us, but if we plan with the idea of adaptability ahead, with confidence in our strengths and those of our students, I’m hopeful that we will be surprised with positive results.

From the desire to be connected,

and to create an authentic community of courageous teachers:

  • We concluded the campaign ,,5 minutes a day for you”.  During the summer, we invited teachers to participate in our campaign and to allocate 5 minutes each day for a state of well-being, to be physically and emotionally prepared for the new school year.  Exercises for well-being are already known for their short duration and long-term effects. They can change the way we think, make us more optimistic, thus the brain can be trained to see the positive aspects of life faster. Our suggestion of spending 5 minutes a day with practical exercises can teach you to reconnect gently and kindly to yourself.
  • We continued the discussions with numerous opinion leaders in education and not only, about the importance of the well-being of teachers, within the series of events „Summer Talks”. The events are hosted by Simona Baciu, founder of the program Happy Teachers for Romania and are moderated by Gabriela Secoșan, director of our training program.

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