Newsletter, July 2020

by ttworg

It is said that we learn from our mistakes. Although most of us agree with this expression, when we are put in such a situation, it is not so easy to trust it. It can become challenging when we or those around us make a mistake not to judge, but to invite reflection, analysis, and conclusions about how we can improve.

We have a tradition in our team. After each event, we discuss and divide the feedback into two categories: “What was good” and “What can we improve”. We were thrilled with the notion of improvement that replaced the word mistake, but we realised that we were wasting the value of the experience, ignoring it or quickly passing over half of it. That half was “What was good.”

As we learn from mistakes, we can go one step further and we can learn from success. What went wrong? Why did work well? How can I replicate or continue? Maybe some of you are already taking this important step. Maybe others didn’t even think about it. Why is it so difficult to learn from success? Because we need to become aware of them and be grateful for our work.

We had the joy of celebrating success with those from the community of Merito Bucovina (part of Proiectul Merito)

Together with Susan Shapiro and Simona Baciu, we talked to “Explain Everything” community about the emotional resilience that teachers have shown in these challenging months at Celebrating the success of remote teaching. | Explain Everything

We had the honour of being invited to ATEE Suceava where we had the opportunity to emphasize the importance of teachers’ well-being and the need to start well-built programs to truly support teachers.

What do we do next?

Upcoming events:

  • The first month of summer brought us a reason for gratitude due to the completion of the course “A Conscious Journey Toward Well-being”, a program that commences with a new series of training sessions, starting with the new academic year, on September 1st. Subscriptions will be announced here.
  • We are launching the series of Summer Talks starting with a discussion with Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, moderated by Gabriela Secoșan. 

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