Newsletter, June 2020

by ttworg

Celebrating Success!

Today we celebrate the end of yet another school year; a school year different from anything we’ve known so far.

If someone had told us in the fall that we would be teaching all the courses online by the end of the year, we wouldn’t have thought it was possible. We faced many challenges while we tried to adapt. We learned a lot of new things, maybe even from our students, but eventually, we succeeded. We succeeded because we did not let ourselves be defeated, and for us, the teachers, it is a priority to be with our students. Thanks to these beliefs and our resilience, we succeeded.

Congratulations! Congratulations for every success, be it small or big, for every child who stayed connected with the school, for every solution found and for every challenge you faced with a lot of courage.

In this different year our message about the importance of caring for teachers has reached over 3,000 people.

We have successfully completed a Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being, together with 75 teachers who have invested every week of their time to rediscover themselves and bring to the surface all their qualities that will help them continue to teach with kindness and empathy.

What shall we do next? 

One thing is certain. We will not stop strongly believing in teachers and in their ability to be authentic role models for every student.

Upcoming events:

On Monday, June 15, we shall see you online on Zoom and live on Facebook, for the official booklaunch of “The Teacher Within” at Carturești. The Teacher Within, invites us on a 100 days journey of introspection, while readers learns each day something new about themselves, discover their core values, their power to overcome challenges and the state of well-being that fuels their motivation to go on with enthusiasm day by day. When us, adults, live in a state of well-being, this is reflected on everything we, having a major impact upon all our relationships.

We will launch the summer campaign 5 minutes a day for you, where we will invite teachers to allocate only 5 minutes each day to their well-being.  

We will meet with teachers from all over the world on the webinar Celebrating success of remote learning where we will talk about the book and will launch the international training program.  

At the end of August we will relaunch the online training A Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being. Follow the FB page Profesori Fericiți pentru România to be up to date with all our events.  

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