Newsletter, May 2020

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Under these new, different circumstances, teachers make great efforts, work with enthusiasm and dedication, trying to reach out to the hearts and minds of their students in a completely different way. Our thoughts go out to all the teachers who are trying to adapt to a new style of teaching. This may be uncomfortable, it implies new types of lessons and new procedures.

The world around us has changed and so did your relationship with your students and their parents. Many of you have made giant steps and responded successfully to the new challenges. 

Right from the beginning of the Happy Teachers for Romania program, our aim was to share efficient techniques and methods that can reduce teachers’ stress. Teachers, alongside medical doctors and nurses, are within the most vulnerable professional categories in face of stress which has even increased during these challenging times. You have been expected to move your classes and carefully designed lesson plans online, overnight.

Expectations have not dropped, however, the terms of the equation have changed radically. You may be overwhelmed by online materials and platforms, by solutions that are more or less easy to use and by the expectation that everything can be done with a little will power.

This is also a good time to show ourselves, our students, and their parents, kindness, despite social or institutional pressure. We all need to adapt, and teachers are no strangers to challenges. Society’s expectation of us is high. But how are your expectations?

We invite you to an awareness exercise. Write on a piece of paper all your concerns regarding teaching during this time. You may have concerns about losing the teacher-student connection, fears that some children may not do the work, etc. After writing them down, look at them with kindness. What are the expectations behind these worries? What can you give up so that both you and your students can benefit from a more gentle transition?

This is a period of solidarity. Ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed. We wholeheartedly offer you our help as well. We want to be an authentic and reliable support for you during this period and also, to come up with solutions for emotional support and stress reduction. Together we will find solutions to navigate with confidence so as to keep our hope and optimism. We continue to learn while teaching differently.

In the meantime, don’t forget to think of yourselves with care and kindness. What did you want to do and never had time for? We can explore together techniques to find peace and harmony, learn to reconnect to our breath, to meditate, or to reflect while being grateful for what we have.

We know that everyone’s time is precious. We appreciate your desire to explore together techniques and methods that will help us live in the present moment and look with confidence and courage towards the future.

Online Trainings:

Let’s Talk about us During Uncertain Times – 23rd March 2020

Dear teachers, we invite you to an online training session about US, to connect, and to offer support where needed. We continue to learn. Monday we will discuss about 3 techniques that help us become aware of our thoughts and emotions during these challenging times.

Let’s Talk about us During Uncertain Times – 30th March 2020

Dear teachers, we invite you to a new online training session, where we will talk about US and share good practices for well-being. On Monday we will discuss ways to recognize our emotions, and empower those that can be helpful to us during these uncertain times. 

A Meeting to Reconnect– 2nd April 2020 

We wish to reconnect within an online session.

During this meeting, we would like to reconnect, share our thoughts and emotions, and revisit some of the techniques we’ve learned, and to discover how we can use them during these uncertain times. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Let’s Talk about us During Uncertain Times – 6th April 2020

Dear teachers, on Monday we will meet again to discuss about US during these uncertain times.

We will talk about our thoughts and emotions from last week, we will learn how to measure our stress temperature at any time of the day and how to create a Different Kind of Week. 

Super Teach Webinar – Simona Baciu – 23rd April 2020

We invite you to the Happy Teachers SuperTeach webinar, a meeting where we talk about US, we connect and offer support where needed. We continue to learn. We will share advice and good practices to better manage our stress during these uncertain times. Throughout this session, we will explore together 5 strategies that can help you regain your energy and make the first steps toward well-being.

Upcoming Training:

NEW! Online Training – A Mindful Journey Towards Well-Being.

5 online training sessions to reduce stress and build emotional resilience. The program is designed as a very practical, easy-to-follow guide that leads to the development of emotional support strategies to reduce stress, building the individual potential of each participant to be able to teach with enthusiasm and motivation. As a result, the teacher’s well-being will improve, which will be reflected in the students’ academic behavior and results. The structure of the program consists of a 5 hours long theoretical part and a practical one, for the implementation of the concepts and methods presented in the course, equivalent to 10 hours of practice.

At the end of the program, participants will receive graduation certificates. 

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