Each day you have between 20,000 and 60,000 thoughts.
Most are negative and repetitive.

The Teacher Within shifts your thoughts and your gears towards
positive thinking.

There are 1.9 billion children
in the world


Their lives will be shaped by their teachers.


Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, authors and international experts in education synthesized their findings in a book in which they invite the teachers to plant the seeds
of teaching from the heart.


The Teacher Within,
A Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being
For Teachers In The 21st Century.


A mindful Journey Towards Well-Being for Teachers in The 21st Century

colaj simona baciu

100 days towards inner harmony

Teaching is a calling. An emotionally rounded, happy teacher makes a strong positive impact on each student in every class.
The book invites you on a journey of 100 days of introspection and self-discovery.
When was the last time you thought of yourself and your own needs? Becoming aware of who you are and spending time for yourself is not selfish.

Designed for the busy teacher

Spending only 5 minutes a day reading The Teacher Within and practicing meditation or reflection you will invite new energy in your life to find the key to be mindful and resilient.

Based on the latest research

in the field of neuroscience, the book incorporates the concept of the Five Core Concerns, developed by two professors from Harvard University, Daniel Shapiro and Roger Fisher in the book entitled Beyond Reason Using Emotions as You Negotiate. The model adapted for The Teacher Within helps the reader discover ways to use their emotions in a helpful manner for a life lived in harmony, with greater awareness.

You may wonder…
Why the glasses?

Many of the techniques we brought together are invisible to most educators.


So the book actually works like putting on a new pair of glasses, Happy Teachers’ Glasses.


Once you put them on, you shift your paradigm towards positive thinking and see opportunities for growth instead of difficulties. You will commit to acts of kindness towards yourself and others.


The two authors, Simona and Susan wrote this book to give every teacher out there a guide to teach with care and kindness. .

the TEACHER WITHIN is founded on the ARAT philosophy

from Awareness to Recognition of our thoughts and emotions, to Actions and Transformation

AWARNESS of yourself

You will experience breath awareness, meditation, and living in the present moment.

RECOGNIZE your emotions and thoughts

You will go to a self-analysing process and learn to transform difficult emotions into manageable opportunities generating positive outcome.


You will learn to go beyond academics towards a creation of a conscious classroom, a class with a heart.


You will feel empowered with commitment and motivation and you will teach with kindness and compassion.

Results with the TEACHER WITHIN
praise for the TEACHER WITHIN
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